Arlington Animal Services Foster Program Quiz
***Please do not proceed with this quiz if you have not watched the AAS Foster Orientation in its entirety.

By completing this quiz, you are acknowledging that you have watched the AAS Foster Orientation and have read the Foster Guidebook. You also agree to follow the policies and procedures of our foster program and understand the expectations of care for the foster pets you will bring into your home.
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QUESTION 1: How will you know when a new animal is in need of a foster?
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QUESTION 2: If you want to foster an animal in need, you must send an email to request to foster and include what information? *
QUESTION 3: On the Trello color bar, an animal in RED means what? *
QUESTION 4: What item will ALWAYS be provided by the shelter for your foster pet? *
QUESTION 5: True/False- A foster dog must be kept on a leash when outdoors unless in your secured, fenced in yard. *
QUESTION 6: True/False- I can feed my foster pet people food. *
QUESTION 7: TRUE/FALSE- It is important to socialize and handle your foster animal as much as possible. *
QUESTION 8: What are some important things to remember when fostering a shelter pet? *
QUESTION 9: TRUE/FALSE- If I take my foster pet to an outside veterinary clinic without the permission of the foster coordinator or the kennel supervisor, Arlington Animal Services will NOT be responsible for any costs incurred by the visit. *
QUESTION 10: What happens when your foster pet is ready to be placed up for adoption? *
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