Altona City Theatre - Expression of Interest in Volunteering
Altona City Theatre is an ideal medium for getting involved with amateur theatre irrespective of your level of experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of activities. We welcome volunteers of all ages, sexes, races and religions. For those familiar with the Amateur Theatre community in Victoria, you would be surprised to find how many well-known and respected people you know got their start at ACT. It’s the welcoming and ‘family-like’ atmosphere that ensures everyone feels like a part of the team, and keeps them coming back year after year. Prior experience is in most cases not necessary.

It's important that we let you know - all roles at Altona City Theatre are performed on a voluntary basis, and are generally performed outside of 9-5 M-F work hours. It is for this reason that we are unable to offer paid employment, including work experience placements.

Please note that this expression of interest is intended only for people wishing to volunteer for off-stage roles; those wishing to be in shows should check out our auditions page at for information on our next round of auditions.

Your full name: *
Personal/Contact Information
In order to get you involved we need to know who you are and how we can contact you. We'll also ask a couple of other personal questions that are intended to help us team you up with other volunteers of similar ages or experiences.
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What is your after-hours contact number? *
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Where do you fit in?
The theatre is full of new challenges and experiences just waiting to be had, but before we dive in we need to know where you fit in, and what you're interested in.
Please tell us about your interest and skill in the following areas: *
Tip: If, for example, you've never built sets before but you're a carpenter by trade, we suggest selecting "have skills/experience".
Not interested
A little interested, but unskilled
A little interested, have skills/experience
Very interested, but unskilled
Very interested, have skills/experience
Set design/construction
Costume design/fabrication
Lighting/Sound design/operation
Stage crewing
Stage management
Props design/fabrication/sourcing
Show management (marketing, producing)
Front-of-house operations (ushering, etc)
Show production (directing, choreographing, MD'ing)
Company operations (volunteer development, archives, Committee, management)
If you have indicated above that you have skills or experience in an area you're interested in, please tell us a little bit about what you're capable of:
Example: If you're interested in costume design/fabrication and can sew - please tell us!
Please tell us during which of our core times of operation you are available: *
Tip: If available for part of a Saturday or Sunday, please tick the box for that day.
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