Submission for Open Source HK White Paper
Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) organises 7th Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon 2019), Sammy and OSHK also commit to create a white paper to describe the current development of open source community. This white paper is a part of items which makes the conference this year.

The white paper will be published in June and expects in CC-BY-SA license.

Therefore I hopes to seek for support from you, I would like to collect information from you regarding your community, your open source project involved.

Deadline is 31 May 2019 Friday.
You can submit in either English or Chinese. Once a part of your information is included in the report, we will list your name and name of affiliate community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel freely to contact with me.

Submission Form / 表格:
Enquiry / 查詢: Sammy Fung <>

Open Source Hong Kong (OSHK) 將會舉辦第七屆香港開源年會,Sammy 和 OSHK 同時承諾準備一份白皮書(white paper)講述現時開放源碼發展。這份白皮書是其中一部份讓今年年會成事。

這份白皮書將在六月公佈,預期以 CC-BY-SA 搜權釋出。



Name / 姓名 *
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Affiliate Community / 所屬社群
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Describe the latest development (2018/2019) of your open source project and the community (Suggests in 300 words) / 描述你的開源專案或社群最新發展(2018/2019年度)(建議300字內) *
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Reference URL / 參考網頁
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Project & Community Image URL / 專案和社群圖片連結
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Forecast the future development of your open source project and the community (2019/2020) / 展望你的開源專案或社群未來發展(2019/2020年度)
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Agree and authorize the OSHK be the content provider and list you on the credit page if the content is included in white paper / 同意及授權OSHK作為內容提供者及把你列在貢獻者名單(當OSHK採納內容時) *
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