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Lightbulb Education has been providing independent tutors and educators the ability to engage with students online and from anywhere. This is a survey to see how many tutors would be interested in providing their own online tutoring services and courses through Lightbulb. Lightbulb Education offers tutors a virtual office to run education programs (online courses or extra classes) for their prospective students:

Lightbulb allows tutors to easily manage multiple questions and queries seamlessly. The collaborative features allow you to make the content the focus as opposed to the number of users. This therefore allows you to engage with numerous students simultaneously. When you respond to one student you essentially respond to all in that course.

Lightbulb features include:

1. Content Distribution (Media, Worksheets, Notes)
2. Assessments
3. Reports
4. Question and Answer Forums
5. Live Chat
6. Events Calendar
7. Automated user payment systems
8. Email Notification Services
9. 24/7 System support
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