EATA PTSC Written Exam Marker Training
Workshop for CTA Exam Markers
Cherkassy Ukraine

PTSC wishes to ensure a reliability of standards between markers and also wishes to support the markers in this important process. The main idea is taking time to reflect on what marking written exams means for us as a community and what it means for each marker at a practical level. Therefore, PTSC has decided to offer a workshop for all of you interested in the qualifying process and especially in marking written exams.

This workshop will take place

On Tuesday July 2 2019, 8.30am to 230pm preceding the examiners’ briefing for the oral exams.

At The Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy.
Cherkasy, Dashkevich street 24, building 4
If you decide to come by car there is very limited on road parking with parking meters.

The workshop aims are to:

• Raise awareness about the evaluation process itself.

• Reinforce competencies, skills and confidence as markers.

• Share experiences with peers, asking questions and looking for tips.

• Raise awareness about how to write a feedback report.

It is an opportunity to look at the assessment and rating as an educational process and co-create possible answers to some frequently asked questions, when faced with the task of marking CTA exams:
What are the criteria? How do I use the scoring scale?
Which core competencies am I expecting to see demonstrated in the exam? What evidence am I looking for? How am I doing it?

It is also a way to keep up-to-date with some new aspects, such as the attention to the dyslexia policy.

There will be no charge for this workshop which is considered "a must" for all exam markers, whether new or seasoned.

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