Pepperdine University and CELIN at Asia Society Survey of Chinese Early Childhood Teachers Pepperdine大学和亚协CELIN中文学前教师调查
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The purpose is to create a national profile of early childhood teachers of Chinese in the United States. All respondents will remain anonymous. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
感谢您抽出宝贵的时间完成這項调查。 调查的目的是在对美国的学前汉语教师进行全面了解。 所有受访者将保持匿名。 调查大约需要10分钟填写完成。
This section is about your personal background. Only a composite, instead of individual teacher’s, profile will be reported.
本节是有关您的个人背景。 系统只会报告综合资料,而不是教师的个人资料。
1. What is your age range? 您的年龄范围是什么? *
2A. Where were you born? 您在哪里出生? *
2B. If you were born outside of the USA, how long have you been in the US? 如果您出生在美国境外,您在美国待了多长时间?
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3. Which language do you consider your native language? 您的母语是什么? *
4. Please rate your level of proficiency in each language. 请评估您对每种语言的熟练程度。 *
Novice 初级
Intermediate 中级
Advanced 高级
Superior 近/母语
English 英文
Chinese 汉语
The following section is about your educational background and certification.
5. What is your highest degree earned? 您获得的最高学位是什么? *
6. Where was your highest degree earned? 您最高的学位是在哪个国家获得的? *
7. What was this degree in? 你的学位跟哪个领域有关? *
8A. Are you certified in teaching? 您是否通过了教师资格认证? *
8B. In what state was this certificate issued? 该证书是由哪州颁发的?
8C. Would you be interested in becoming certified? 您对获得认证感兴趣吗?
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The following section is about your teaching experience.
9. What is your current role? 您目前的职务是什么? *
10A. Is your current position full-time or part-time? 您当前的职位是全职还是兼职? *
10B. As an administrator, are you also teaching? 作为行政人员,您也教书吗?
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10C. Which age group(s) are you currently teaching? (check all that apply) 您教哪个年龄段的孩子? (选择所有适用答案)
11. How many years of working experience do you have in early childhood settings? 您在学前/幼儿教育中有多少年的工作经验? *
12. In which language do you teach? 您使用哪种语言教学?
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13. To better understand the current state of affairs and support future advocacy work, please indicate your current salary range. (optional) 为了深入了解当前幼儿教育情况并支持未来的倡导工作,请注明您目前的薪资范围。 (可选)
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The following section is about your personal and professional views and needs about Chinese immersion early childhood education in the United States.
14. What are 1 or 2 greatest rewards in teaching in early childhood programs? 幼儿学前班教学中,您最大的一两个收获是什么? *
15. What are 1 or 2 greatest challenges you face in early childhood programs? 您面临的一两个最大挑战是什么? *
16A. Who do you usually reach out to for help? 您通常会向谁寻求帮助? *
Rarely 很少
Sometimes 有时候
Often 常常
Always 总是
Administrator 行政管理人员
Fellow teacher(s) 其他老师
Colleagues from other programs 校外同事
Parents 父母
Professors or experts 教授或领域专家
Solve problems myself 自己解决问题
16B. Other people (optional) 还向哪些其他人求教? (可选)
17. What network(s) do you turn to for professional discussions/information? (check all that apply) 哪些网络是您经常使用进行专业讨论或收集资料的? (选择所有适用) *
18. What online resources/apps do you use frequently? Please provide 2 to 3 examples. 您经常使用哪些在线资源/应用软件? 请提供两三个示例。 *
19A. Which of the following would be most helpful to you? 下列哪项是您觉得需要的? *
Do not need 不需要
Need 需要
Strongly need 非常需要
Conferences 专业会议
Certification courses 认证课程
Curriculum 课程大纲
Job boards 求职版
Teaching materials 教材
Join professional organization 参加学会
PD workshops 幼教工作坊
Webinars 网络研讨会
19B. Other suggestions? (optional) 其他建议? (可选)
Thank you for your participation. Please forward this survey to teachers in other early childhood programs that offer Chinese. We will publish results by the end of this year. Please check CELIN at Asia Society for more information and resources. 感谢您的参与。 请将这份问卷转发给其他幼教老师。 我们将在今年年底发布结果。 并请查看CELIN,以获取更多信息和资源。(
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