KNA Survey For Everyone under 18 (Students Only)
Please fill out this survey to help us plan future events
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What do you want to see more of at KNA events? If you select other, please share what you would like to see. *
During COVID, we are restricted due to the state's mandatory guidelines. Do you have any activity ideas that KNA could do as a community while following social distancing guidelines?
What do you like about living in Kennydale?
Do you like writing? Would you be willing to write a short story for the neighborhood newspaper? What would be your topic of choice? *
If yes, please include topic.
Is there anything you would want to see improve? It can be like more plants in the neighborhood, or maybe more murals on fire hydrants... everything is open.
Final question! If the KNA were to have an event, how would you like to see it?
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So, if you are reading this and you are not already a member of Kennydale Neighborhood Association, please think about joining! Here is the link It costs $20 a year for the whole family. Please consider joining! Thanks!
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