Thank you for being here.
I sincerely appreciate your thoughts, your perspective, and your generosity.

Please give me the truth as you see it, even if it might be difficult for me to hear.
I promise to receive it as a gift and to take onboard what I can.
I also promise (TTBOMA) not to react negatively, even if it smarts.

Finally, it would be helpful to know who you are, for context, and so I may reach out to say thanks, to clarify, or to take action as appropriate — but you can submit anonymously. I'll take whatever is on offer, attributable, or not.

Alternatively or additionally, we could have a conversation.
Set one up here:

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What should I stop doing? (and if you have time: why?)
What should I be sure to continue doing? (and if you have time: how to improve?)
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Thank you, please enjoy the rest of your day.
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