Manager's Guide to Preventing Harassment
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All of the following are appropriate consequences for a confirmed violation of a harassment policy, except: *
True or False: If an employee repeatedly makes sexual jokes to others near their cubicle, and no one involved in the conversation complains, the company bears no responsibility. *
True or False: A single complaint by only one employee doesn't warrant an internal investigation. *
True or False: An employer may be held liable for inappropriate behavior of a client towards one of their employees. *
All of the following are elements of a hostile work environment claim, except: *
True or False: An employee complains that a co-worker texted offensive photos to their personal device. You don’t need to investigate if the texts were sent outside of work hours. *
Which of the following is a protected class under Hawaii state law but not federal law? *
If a complaint of harassment is made, it is best practice to: *
Jill is demoted from manager to associate because of poor work performance. Six months later, she is subjected to harassment and complains to her supervisor. Due to the order of events, she is not able to establish which of the following elements of retaliation: *
Which of these individuals is considered to be a "third party"? (select all that apply) *
Which of the following is a way to prevent workplace harassment? (select all that apply) *
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