Curriculum Exhibitor Application Form—Due Oct 27, 2018
Teaching for Social Justice Curriculum Fair
From Puerto Rico to Chicago: Reclaiming and Reimagining Our Communities
Saturday, November 17, 2018 10AM-4PM
Fair Location: Uplift Community High School, 900 W Wilson Ave, Chicago, IL 60640

Curriculum Exhibitor Application Form—Due October 27, 2018

Curriculum Exhibitor Information:
Curriculum exhibitors are usually teachers and educators who have taught social justice focused lessons, units or projects. We recognize that teachers collectively produce knowledge about how to teach for social justice and we want to learn from each other. We strongly encourage teachers to share their work in progress and to give and get feedback from other educators in order to further develop our collective understanding of what teaching for social justice means in theory and practice. We are looking for curriculum exhibits that are pro-justice, anti-racist, critical, multicultural, activist, and work toward this year's CF theme: "From Puerto Rico to Chicago: Reclaiming and Reimagining Our Communities."

Suggestions for your "Curriculum Exhibit":
We encourage you to propose curriculum exhibits that engage people who visit your table. Please consider these opportunities:
* Include multi-media into your exhibit
* Include interactive and participatory elements (petitions, games, questionnaires, etc)
* Co-exhibit with your students or invite them to be involved in some way. Many people who have done so have talked about how important it is to involve their students!
* Have many copies, books, examples, pictures, etc.
* Bring examples of student work such as writing, videos, artwork, poetry, projects—these are all more than welcome!
* Prepare an overview of the lesson/exhibit for our website

Please bring at least 100-150 copies of your materials (units, projects, assignments, etc.) to share.

After you submit this form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. We will review each application and respond by early November. We do not have unlimited room for curriculum exhibitor tables but we do give priority to teachers exhibiting their curriculum. We reserve the right not to accept curriculum exhibits that fail to meet the TSJ principles

If accepted, each curriculum exhibitor will get 5 feet of space, either on a separate table or sharing a 10-foot long table. The tables are spread out in the school's halls. You may be asked to bring your table, depending on the available table space we can provide.

Fair Day Information:
We ask exhibitors to set-up their tables by 9:45 am sharp. Doors will open for registration at 9:00 am and we will assign you a specific space. Please do not come earlier than 9:00 am unless it is to help us all set up.

Please encourage students, parents and co-workers to participate in this city-wide event.

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Can you lead a 30-40 minute social justice related activity for the children in the Curriculum Fair Childcare space (ages 3-10)?
It can be related to the curriculum you present.
Lesson/Curriculum Details:
**If available, please include all handouts, lesson plans, answer keys, hints, and your reflection**
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