TBP & TBP/ATH Staff Member Application
**This application will close on Friday, September 20th at 11:59 pm. Please submit your application as soon as possible because applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and the closing date is subject to change as necessary. Following the close of the application, interview invitations will be sent out to be conducted the week of September 30th.**

*Please note that this opportunity is only open to UGA freshmen.*

The Backpack Project, Inc. (TBP) and TBP/ATH, our affiliated chapter at UGA, are in search of five new staff members who are passionate about giving back to their communities, eager to serve the homeless in Georgia, and searching for an opportunity to experience tremendous professional and personal growth.

To staff a series of positions available exclusively to freshmen, our team is seeking people with deep potential and not necessarily experience (although it always helps). TBP's philosophy is that if we put the right people in the right positions and provide the necessary framework, environment, and experienced leadership that is dedicated to their success then they will flourish.

Since TBP is a corporation and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a staff position with TBP is more serious than typical volunteering. In return, you will have your own set of personal responsibilities which contribute to the success of the organization and entail work in fields such as project management, marketing, accounting, and others. In addition to their personal responsibilities, each staff member is part of TBP's team which regularly engages in backpack packings and distributions.

The skills and perspective that you gain through the experience shines through in job interviews, personal interactions, and day-to-day life. One notable aspect is that because TBP is run entirely by UGA undergraduates (who eventually graduate), there are opportunities for younger staff members to advance to Vice President and Executive Director roles during their undergraduate terms.

Thank you for considering taking on a leadership role and establishing a part of your legacy as a staff member of TBP. If you have any questions about this process, please email info@thebackpackproject.ngo or visit www.thebackpackproject.ngo to learn more about the organization.
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