PCM Reimbursement Form
Did you purchase something for PCM with personal funds? Fill out this form so that you may be reimbursed. Questions? Email pcm@wrpc.org.
Full Name *
Date of Purchase *
Total Reimbursement Amount Requested (eg: $12.34) *
Expenditure Type *
Brief description of expenditure *
For examples: Retreat could be "Gas reimbursement for travel to Montreat Fall Retreat" and PCM Event Supplies could be "Games and chalk for Wednesday night programming"
Local mailing address for mail of check (Write "picking up" if you will pick up check from PCM Office) *
Include city, state, and zip code. If picking up, the PCM Office is open prior to Wednesday Night programming.
Proof of purchase (eg: receipts)
Please upload a photo or scanned image of the original receipts. If you have trouble uploading, you may email the photo/file to pcm@wrpc.org or drop off the original receipt in the PCM Office.
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