SHINDIG Testimony
At Shindig, you simply will be sharing your story. To help you structure your story, please follow the format included below. If it helps, write it out in a single document then copy and paste that here.
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Which Pastor would you like to Baptize you? *
A few of our Pastoral Staff will be back at the MBC campus for services, and will not be available for baptisms. Please select one of the Pastor's below.
Before I gave myself completely to Jesus: *
In this section, explain what your life was like before you asked Christ to forgive your sins. How did you think and act? Whatever your backstory is, its not boring. Even if you grew up in church and accepted Jesus’ forgiveness at an early age, you have a story to tell that others will relate to. This section may be tough for a very young baptism candidate to complete, so Mom or Dad help them briefly verbalize “child sized” actions that were sin in need of forgiveness.
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When I gave myself completely to Jesus: *
Jesus died on the cross and rose again for you and I! When and where did you turn the reigns of your life over to him? Was it at church, at a camp, in a coffee shop? Was it with a parent, a friend, a coworker, a spouse? Paint a picture for the listeners to see the scene.
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Since I have been a follower of Jesus: *
What has God done in your life since then? Whether it was 15 years ago or 15 days, Jesus comes into our thoughts and actions and begins transforming us. What transformations have you seen Him begin in your life?
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