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Fill in the application form below if you are looking to get sponsored & become part of the official SkatePro Team. Inspiring the next generations by sharing your skills and repping the SkatePro brand.
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If you are sponsored by a brand carried by SkatePro the collaboration will bring more value. Please note, we cannot showcase all personal brand sponsors through our channels.
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Are you sponsored by other shops?
If you are sponsored by other shops, we will decline your request. We do not take riders from other shops. If you are serious please finish your collaboration and show your commitment to your sport by staying without a sponsor for at least 3 months. Then come back.
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*Principles and values that potential riders need to adresse
1. Talent: You can do more tricks than most of the others in the park and you do them with style.

2. Experience: You have been skating/riding for at least 1 year.

3. Recognition: You are respected in your local area - and you are in contact with other riders/skaters within your region.

4. Active: You are out as often as you can, you also skate/ride other places than your local .

5. Good conduct: You respect others and you are having fun while skating/riding with others that might be new to the sport.

6. Love your sport: You love to try new tricks / evolve and you know what's happening around the world in your sport.
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