April Stakes Race Chase

* Each player will start out with a $10,000 imaginary bankroll.
* Wager on any of the (44) Stakes Races listed below for the Month of April.
* Maximum 2 wagers per day.
* Any combination of bet types and/or races totaling 2 per day are allowed.
* 2 wagers on the same race must be different bet types.
* Bet type for selected race must be available on track.
* Maximum bet amount is $200. This means $200 WPS = $600 is allowed.
* Must risk total of $10,000 by the end of the month to qualify.
* Any scratches that cancel entire bet will be refunded and allow for a substitute wager.
* All wagers will be tracked with total risks and winnings updated daily.
* Player with largest bankroll at the end of the month wins.

List of April Stakes Races: http://www.equibase.com/yearbook/FutureRaces.cfm

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