The Corpus Christi School Alumni Association Membership Registration Form
One of the requirements for bona fide membership in the Corpus Christi School Alumni Association is payment of the registration fee, which entitles one to discounts on the use of Corpus Christi School facilities like the swimming pool, badminton court, etc. as well as discounts at partner establishments, the full list of which is maintained at

To complete the registration process, please:
1. Fill out the following form.
2. Process payment

You can deposit directly to East West Bank Account Number:. 200035229638 CDO-Velez Branch. If abroad, you can take note of the following details:

Wells Fargo Bank
Routing #: 026005092
FAOL EWB Manila AC No. 2000-19113638-6
For further credit to: EWB-CDO-Velez
Account Name: Corpus Christi School Alumni Association, Incorporated
Account Number: 200035229638

You can email your deposit slips or proof of payment to:

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