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Enthusiastic about computing? Come tell us about it in a ten minute talk! More information at
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Tell us about your exciting idea! Make sure to check out Please leave out any personal or identifying information as the proposal will be anonymized to reduce bias during review.
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Recommendation is to keep this around 200 words. If your talk is accepted (and you confirm your attendance) the abstract will be used to announce it.
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Please describe the structure of your talk detailing the time you are planning to use for the different parts. The folk from StarCon have prepared an example proposal to illustrate what an abstract and timeline could look like ( Lindsey Kuper has also written about how to write a timeline (
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Please describe yourself in a few sentences. The bio should be in third person ("<name> likes self-descriptions" rather than "I like self-descriptions").This bio will be published (with your abstract) in the list of talks if your talk gets accepted. If that happens you will have a chance to adapt it.
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Practice Session
If your talk get's accepted, we can offer a practice session, in person or over video chat, a couple of days before the conference, in a relaxed setting (minimal audience, appreciative feedback)
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Comments or requests
Optional: Is there anything you need for the talk apart from a microphone and a projector? If there are any concerns on your mind you can share them here with the proposal anonymizer.
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