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Thanks for reaching out about partnering with StackAware! Please visit our web site and blog for details on what we do. Our CEO is Walter Haydock.

If you are interested in partnering, please complete the below form. If it seems like there is a potential fit, then we'll reach out for a live conversation.

Things we don't do:
  • Work with "stealth mode" companies unable to disclose the specific problems they solve.
  • Advise venture capital firms unable to disclose all potentially competitive portfolio companies or potential investment targets.
  • Sponsored social media or newsletter posts (i.e. paid mentions of your company or brand). If you are interested in this for a cybersecurity-focused audience, we highly recommend Venture in Security).
  • Sub-contracting or "white labeling" of services (i.e. StackAware performs work without it being a clearly distinct brand), aside from ghostwriting.
  • Uncompensated market research, ideation, "brain picking," or career counseling (except current or former U.S. Marines, who can apply here for a free session).
  • Uncompensated content (e.g. podcast, webinar, etc.) creation on behalf of for-profit organizations where the result is not available to any person with an internet connection (e.g. it is behind email capture, paywall, etc.).
  • Outsourced product or service development.
Please see this page for our legal, security, and privacy policies. All submitted data is governed in accordance with them.
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Web site, pitch deck, or data sheet explaining the specific problem you solve and for which customers.

This requires substantially more granularity than something like "AI security" or "cloud security."
What are you interested in? *
Based on our web site (, please describe why your company is NOT competitive with StackAware. *
Please describe the proposed collaboration. Being as detailed as possible will accelerate the process. Key questions to answer:
- How will this benefit both parties?
- What will the contractual relationship look like, if any?
- What, specifically, are you requesting that StackAware do?

Examples of entries likely to receive a response:

Joint thought leadership: "We will draft a white paper on AI and data governance and request that you provide a quotation for it. We will provide a hyperlink to in the text. We have overlapping customer personas in the healthcare and financial services space, and this will allow both organizations to reach them and build trust. We are targeting publication within 30 days. No contractual agreement required."

Joint go-to-market plan or offering: "We propose a joint sales approach whereby StackAware provides AI GRC consulting services and we provide LLM security software. After 90 days of program development, our mutual customers will have an AI governance program in place and be trained on our software solution. StackAware will receive 10% of all software revenue generated following the end of the engagement so long as it agrees to a retained services arrangement to support the customer in its AI GRC journey. This will take the form of a mutual referral agreement."

Examples of entries unlikely to receive a response:

- "You write us a blog post for free and then we put our logo on it."

- "We are looking to add AI security services."

- "Partner together."

- "As discussed."
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