Courage Club Application
In order to be considered for the Courage Club, please fill out the application below. If we believe you'll be a good fit for the group, we'll reach out to schedule an interview where we'll cover questions and pricing in a private, 20-minute video call together.
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In your own words, please describe your current relationship with food and body (i.e. what is the β€œproblem?”) *
How does your relationship with food and body affect other areas of your life? (Relationships, Career, Parenting goals, etc.?) *
How long have you been struggling with food and weight in this way? How have you tried to resolve these issues in the past? *
Note: We have members in their 60's who are finally letting go of their eating disorder. We believe recovery is possible for everyone no matter how long you've struggled.
Why do you want to join the Courage Club? (i.e. What are you hoping your relationship with food, your body, and life will look like in six months?) *
Why do you want to be coached by Jessica Flint? And why now? *
Inside the Courage Club we take a holistic approach to healing and help you abundantly expand in all areas of your life: FOOD, BODY, WORK, SOUL, and LOVE. Which areas of are of most interest to you? *
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The Courage Club has a strong component of self-discovery using your unique elemental and archetypal signature based off your astrological chart. How open are you to learn about astrology as a tool for personal growth? *
Do you have the financial resources to invest in high-quality training and daily support over the next 6 months? *
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