Trial Classes to get experience on Pilates Reformer
The Reformer-an equipment that brings about Pilates' miracle!
Why use the Reformer?
More than 100 exercises can be created with just 1 reformer
Weight loss, tone & develop muscles efficiently
Treat & rehabilitate back & spinal issues
We offer 50 trial tickets to experience the Pilates Reformer from 29/01 - 02/02/2018. Please note that it's a group demo not individual class.

Here is the schedule for trial class
Mon, 29th Jan: 1.00 pm (Fully book update on 27th Jan, please choose another day)
Tue, 30th Jan: 9.00 am
Wed, 31st Jan: 3.00 pm
Thu, 1st Feb: 6.00 pm
Fri, 2nd Feb:1.00 pm (Fully book update on 27th Jan please choose another day)

The space is limited so only people who get the confirmation (email or phone) will be on the list and have chance to get experience on reformer

Register now to have a free trial on this incredible machine by calling the hotline 0903 468 088 or email to

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