4 Week Vocal Arts Series (Registration)
Are you a Singer?
Do you want to learn more about your craft?
Is it difficult keeping up with your passion?
Do you have a gift but lack confidence?

I created this program for individuals who were looking to gain more knowledge and experience in their respective craft(s) but lacked either time, money, or an understanding of where to start. Combining the most important lessons from previous years of training and experience, this program was designed as a crash course for all levels and experience. JGP's 4 Week Vocal Arts Series continues to evolve into a creative, educational and inspiring tool for artists passionate about growth their gifts.

PART ONE (Beginners and Intermediates) or PART TWO (Advanced)
Begins March 2, Tues & Thurs (730-930P), and Sundays (5-7P)
$65 / week. Discounts available.
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$260 ($65 weekly payments). Discounted price of $240 available if paid in full by February 28, 2021 .
This program is a very intense workshop designed for the working adult/ teen. Unexcused lateness & absences will not be tolerated. Are you prepared to make this commitment for 4 weeks? *
If you have not already, please read over the program description, including dates, cost, and addresses. *
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