Sprinter 2 Application Form
Innovation adoption is the key of business transformation. Sprinter 2 leverages the framework of Global Acceleration Academy (“GAA”) to offer a fast track to mid-cap corporations and SMEs manufacturers to understand, adopt and co-create innovations.

- Major business in manufacturing
- Corporate culture in exploring and accepting innovations
- Readily-available resource for innovation adoption
*Selection process will be applied to all participants.

To apply, please submit the application by 30 Sep 2020, 11:59pm (GMT+8). Late submission will not be accepted. Should you have any enquiries please reach out to sprinter2@hkstp.org or Mandy Lau at 2629 7058.
1. Company Name 公司名稱 *
2. Do you own any business registered company in Hong Kong? 您在香港有任何商業註冊公司嗎? *
3. Please highlight the key operations of your corporate in Hong Kong. 請指出貴公司在香港的主要業務。
4. Are you a manufacturer? What is your main business? 您是製造商嗎?公司的主要業務是什麼? *
5. What are your target industries and key clients origin? 哪個行業是您的目標及主要客戶端? *
6. No. of Employee 員工人數 *
7. Where is your manufacturing site? 您的⼯廠位置在哪? *
8. What is your budget for spending on innovation adoption, in terms of percentage (%) of your revenue? 您在採用創新科技的預算佔收入支出的百分比是多少? *
9. What are your motivations for innovation adoption? 採用創新科技的考慮因素是什麼? *
10. What are your challenges in adopting innovations? 採用創新科技的最大挑戰是什麼? *
11. Please list out the business units that will be involved in sourcing innovation through Sprinter 2. 請列出將於Sprinter 2參與開發創新技術的部門。 *
12. In the scale of 1 to 5, how likely your company is ready for change and adopt innovation? 從1至5, 請為您的公司在變革準備及採用開放式創新技術方面評分 *
Very Unlikely 不太可能
Very Likely 很可能
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