Global Electrophonic Fireball Survey - Data Submission Form
GEFS (Global Electrophonic Fireball Survey) is collecting witness reports of electrophonic sounds from meteors and coordinating research efforts:

It is not necessary to fill out the form completely. Just provide as much information as you can remember or have available.
If you are not sure in the exactness of your data, skip it or mention this as a comment in the end of this form.

If you have any questions related to this form, please send them to
For additional information return to the GEFS main page.
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Personal information
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Level of the meteor observing experience
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Description of the observing site
Location of the observing site (give the exact coordinates, if known)
Longitude; Latitude; Elevation
Describe in detail the meteorological conditions at your observing site (temperature, humidity, wind, rain, clouds, etc...)
Describe in detail your observing site (vegetation, buildings, fences and (especially) any metal objects in your vicinity, etc...)
Describe in detail your outlook and clothing during observation (especially important is your haircut, glasses and metal objects)
 Specify all electrical equipment at the observing site and in its vicinity
 Additional remarks about the observing site
Details about the sound from the meteor
Specify the date and time of your sound observation
How would you describe the sound you heard?
How long did the sound last? (in seconds)
Which direction did the sound come from (the meteor, the ground, some object, air, all directions)?
How many observers from your vicinity heard a sound from that meteor, and how many observers did not hear it?
Did you see the meteor that could be connected with the sound?
If YES, what was the correlation with the light maximum?
Did you notice any other unusual phenomena which might be related to the meteor (electric or magnetic effects, strange odors, unusual animal behavior, strange air glow, etc...)?
Details about the meteor
(if you have seen or detected the meteor)
Meteor shower (or sporadic)
Meteor magnitude
Velocity (enter the exact value if known)
The exact value, if known
Duration of the meteor (seconds)
Height above horizon (from 0° to 90°)
Azimuth(from 0° to 360°)
(N=0°, E=90°, S=180°, W=270°)
Angle between the meteor path and horizon (from 0° to 90°)
Additional remarks
At the end, we would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you have any comments, remarks, or suggestions, please mention them here.
IMPORTANT!! Read this before submitting the form:
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