Registration Form YOUTH CHOIRS IN MOVEMENT, 26 - 30 June 2019, Bonn
To register your choir for the festival YOUTH CHOIRS IN MOVEMENT 2019 in Bonn, please fill in this form with all the information you can give at this stage.

In this form, we will ask you to provide personal data, which we need to do in order to register your choir for the festival. Feel free to contact for any questions concerning your personal data.

Thank you!

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Please fill in the data of a person through whom the choir can be contacted both before and during the festival.
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Please indicate the atelier in which you would like to take part during the festival.
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Although we try to meet every choice of atelier, please indicate also an alternative choice.
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Please tick your preferred option(s). You are free to tick both options.
Does your choir agree on being accomodated with private families of local choirs? *
If not, you will have to arrange and pay for accomodation yourself. ECA-EC can help you to find information about hotels and hostels if needed, but will not be responsible for your accomodation.
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Privacy Policy *
We have asked you in this form to provide us with certain personally identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. We will process these information with your consent; we only require the minimum of personal information that is necessary. By registering for the event, you allow the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat to use the data collected to manage your participation to the event. The data collected may be shared with the local choirs in order to find accomodation for your choir (if desired), but we do not pass or sell your personal data to further parties. You have the right to access, change or delete the data collected. We provide the same standard of privacy protection to all users around the world, regardless to their country of origin or location.
Photos and Videos *
By registering for this event, you accept that any member of your choir may be photographed or recorded, with the pictures and videos being posted on the website and/or social media channels of ECA-EC for documentation purposes. If you do not agree, please contact since you will not be able to finalize your online application.
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