The Hashem Loves You Campaign Presents - Your Sponsored Art Scroll Siddur
Tefilah is considered a "service of the heart."  Each day, we seek to express the deepest praises and gratitude to Hashem for the blessings he's given us and continues to give us

The collective desire of our hearts is to forge a closer connection with Hashem, understanding that this is our ultimate purpose in this world.  Yet, most of us go through our prayers without consciously experiencing Hashem’s presence - often due to the lack of understanding of the words of prayer.  

For this reason, this Artscroll, with translations word-by-word, is being gifted to you, providing clarity in understanding our daily devening.
- One per person
- Available while supplies last
- Sponsored with intent that you / yours use it regularly
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Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our anonymous sponsors for their generous contributions.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of Tefilah and to deepen our connection to Hashem during davening.

If you like to take a zichus to sponsor Siddurim for more people, please contact Ari Weber at 347-522-6046

May this project be a zichus for the following individuals. May Hashem send them the right shidduch, at the right time, may it be soon!

- Tzvi Yakov Ben Sarah  
- Meir Ben Leah Tziporah
- Zecharya Leib Ben Chana                    
- מרדכי מנחם בן שרה הינדה
- Psachia Ben Shaindel Rifka                
- Shmuel Aron Ben Malka Sora
- Eliezer Zusia Ben Ruchama Sarah     
- אליהו חיים בן מאטי
- Yechiel Aryeh Ben Esther Chaya        
- Chaim Mordechai Ben yutta
- Ben Tzion Duvid Ben Bracha               
- Yisroel Ben Faiga Rochel
- Chaim Ben Basha Yehudis                   
- Nusen Shloime Ben Chaya Esther
- Yoel Ben Elisheva
רבקה מלכה בת פייגא גיטל
- יוטלא בת פייגא גיטל
- מנחם מנדל בן הענדל בריינדל
- 'יונה מנחם מענדל בן אסתר חי
- משה בן מלכה
- Moshë Aron Ben Kaila
- Ezriel Zev Ben Kaila.
- Aron Moshe Ben Chanie
- Rachel bas Fayga Sara
- Hendel bas Tzipporah Rivka
- מנחם מענדל בן הענדל בריינדל
Shamshon Ben adina Devora
- Pinchus Mordechi Ben Adina Devora
In collaboration with Chesky Kauftheil and Mishkan Yecheskel - לזכות
יחזקאל שרגא בן מירל & חיה רחל בת דרייזל
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