SF Clinicians Meal Support Sponsor Form
The idea is simple: Support our local hospital clinicians who are working in wartime-like conditions and support our local restaurants who are really hurting at this time.

We've partnered with ER and ICU staff at UCSF Mission Bay, UCSF Parnassus, SFGH Zuckerberg and several local restaurants to make it happen.

Now we need your help.

Together we will provide UCSF Mission Bay, UCSF Parnassus, SFGH Zuckerberg, Kaiser Geary high quality dinners each night by partnering with local restaurants. This supports both in these trying times. Clinicians are already working 16 hour shifts supporting ill patients and preparing for more. They barely have time to eat so we want to make it easier for them.

At the same time, restaurants are also facing unprecedented circumstances and every bit of business we can send them helps their staff and their families immensely.

Costs are about $1,000 per meal to feed 50 healthcare workers and as a sponsor you Venmo, CashApp or PayPal the restaurants directly. We are adsorbing all administrative overhead. If you let us know the total amount you are willing to donate up to, we will assign you meals until you hit your stated max. You can buy one meal or multiple meals. Unfortunately $1000 is the minimum as we need to make the payment of the meals simple. (If anyone one in our tech community can figure out an easier way to do this and maybe take fractional pledges please contact us!)

Participation is simple:
1. Sign up to be a sponsor below.
2. Await instructions on where to Venmo directly to the restaurant
3. Food arrives from a local restaurant to a local hospital

Once the meal is delivered by a restaurant, we will send you a Venmo, CashApp or Paypal address so you can pay the restaurant directly. PLEASE pay promptly as the restaurants are fronting all the costs and labor. Please ONLY sign up if you are comfortable with the donation and will pay promptly.

If you have any questions, please email us at ryan dot sarver at gmail or frank at barbieri dot com

Thank you for your support and stay healthy and safe!
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Each meal is around $1,000. If you are comfortable with one meal, just put $1,000 below. If you can do more, please put in the total amount of dollars you are willing to sponsor in $1,000 increments. No need to include dollar sign or comma. Just integers please :)
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