Preschool Parent Survey (19-20)
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When upset, can your child calm down within 15 minutes?
Does your child settle herself down after exciting activities?
Does your child move from one activity to the next with little difficulty (for example, from playtime to mealtime)?
Does your child do what you ask her/him to do?
Does your child stay engaged in activities she enjoys for at least 5 minutes (other than watching shows or videos, or playing with electronics)?
Do you and your child enjoy mealtimes together?
Does your child sleep at least 8 hours in a 24-hour long period?
Does your child use words to tell you what she wants or needs?
Does your child follow routine directions? For example, does she/he come to the table or help clean up toys when asked?
Does your child cry, scream, or have tantrums for long periods of time?
Does your child use words to describe her feelings and the feelings of others? For example, does she/he say, “I’m happy,” “I don’t like that,” or “She’s sad” or “He’s sad?”
Does your child go to the bathroom by herself/himself? (Reminders and helping with wiping is okay)
Does your child follow rules at home or at child care?
Does your child take turns and share when playing with other children?
Is there anything else you would like your child’s classroom teacher to know? Please feel free to include their strengths and any additional concerns.
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