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Submit this form BEFORE 4 PM Eastern Friday (the day before the meeting). NOTE THIS TIME. Please check the accuracy of your RSVP before submitting.

You must be on the submitted list AND your Zoom alias MUST be your First and Last Name to be allowed into the meeting (Use the Zoom Rename feature if you need to). We also prefer that you have your video on.

Once you have submitted your Google From, you will receive 2 emails:
--First one from Google Forms with subject line Careers in Transition RSVP confirming submitting this form will arrive within 2 hours of submitting your Google Form.
--Second one from a CIT Team member comes after 7 PM the day before the meeting with the Zoom info (Be sure to check your Spam folder). DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK.

!!! IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL your registration so someone else can have your seat and we know whether or not to expect you, locate your confirmation email from Google Forms and use the edit feature in this email.!!!

Your attendance is recorded after you give your pitch - No pitch, no attendance!
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