Digital Humanities Slack
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Welcome to the DH Slack!
The Digital Humanities Slack is a set of informal, connected chat rooms for the digital humanities and related interests, with over 50 "channels" (chat rooms) devoted to specific topics such as DH teaching, coding, library work, and conferences.

Come join us! Absolutely no DH background is needed, and we specifically have channels for supporting students and folks new to DH. Before signing up, do read a summary of our community-authored code of conduct below—signing up indicates agreement to abiding by these guidelines. Thank you!
Code of Conduct
The DH Slack is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. Harassment and other code of conduct violations reduce the value of our community for everyone, regardless of the intent behind these violations.

We prioritize marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. Our decisions are guided by whether behavior has a bad impact on our community, rather than whether a bad impact was created by good intent.

Use of the DH Slack is dependent on abiding by the terms of the code of conduct, a document that outlines acceptable and non-acceptable behavior while using the DH Slack. You can read the full code of conduct at

We're open to use for anyone interested both in some combination of "digital" and "humanities" (whatever those mean to you). Expected community behavior outlined by the code of conduct includes welcoming and encouragement for people starting to learn something new, and we do not allow harassing, belittling, or dismissive behavior in any form.

We're actively discussing and improving the code of conduct in the #codeofconduct channel. Please report any problems or suggestions with the DH Slack to the #moderation channel if your comment isn't meant to be private; or directly message Amanda Visconti on the Slack, tweet @literature_geek, or email (You can also contact any of the other DH Slack moderators, a current list of these folks is pinned to the #moderation channel.)

Sound good?

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