Using Video in Language Teacher Education

Location - Toyo University, Building 10, Room A101 (Map -
Date - Tuesday 3rd December
Time - 18:00 to 20:00

Free for JALT members and Toyo university employees and students. 500 yen for non-JALT members.

Contact person/email: Matthew Turner /

During the last few decades, there has been an increase in both the use of digital video and understanding of the role it can play in teacher education (Baecher et al., 2018). It has been claimed that this can have a positive impact on trainee and in-service teachers’ engagement, motivation and autonomy. This event considers Major and Watson’s view that beliefs and practices are changing fast and the emergence of recent video-capable technologies is something of a ‘tipping point’ (2018: 50). This interactive forum, hosted by the Teacher Development (TD) SIG, will feature both presentation and interview sessions. The three invited speakers will each present about using video for language teacher education purposes with regard to their individual institutional perspectives. In response to these presentations, the invited speakers will then engage with each other in interview sessions. It is hoped that this dialogic element to the forum will help both the speakers and attendees to gain a richer and more collaborative understanding of this forum’s central theme and each other’s work.

1. Opening presentation from Steve Mann (20 minutes)
2. Presentation 2 from Robin Skipsey (15 minutes)
3. Interview with Robin Skipsey (conducted by Matthew Turner) (15 minutes)
Short break (10 minutes)
4. Presentation 3 from Davey Young (15 minutes)
5. Interview with Davey Young (conducted by Steve Mann) (15 minutes)
6. Panel Discussion & Audience Interaction (20 minutes)
Total time: 110 minutes
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