CD5 Presidential Elector Candidacy Application
Are you interested in being a one-time member of the Electoral College? This is your chance! At the CD5 Online convention (balloting from May 14-23rd) we will be selecting a Presidential Elector and an alternate (that's a backup for those new to party terminology!)

What does this entail?
If the Democratic nominee for President wins Minnesota in November, all the Electors the DFL Party has selected will serve as Minnesota's votes in the Electoral College several weeks after the November Election. Elector votes in Minnesota are bound to the winner of the popular vote in the state.

What do I need to do?
Submit your application by NOON on May 11th and your name will be included on the CD5 Online Convention ballot.

How do I make my case to delegates?
First, using the instructions below, make a short (2 minute max) video about why you are running! All Elector candidates are allowed to submit a video to appear on the ballot, so this is your best opportunity for all delegates to hear form you! As a candidate you may also call delegates to earn their support, please contact Chair, Brandon Schorsch ( if you would like a delegate roster (available after May 12th).

To get your video on the ballot:

Record a video up to 2 minutes (120 seconds) in length. Longer videos will be omitted.

Post your video on YouTube - Instructions on how to post an Unlisted video are available at this link (

Submit your video to us using the Ballot Video Submission Form (

Videos are due by Noon - Tuesday May 12th, 2020
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