Coming Soon: K9 Connection's Online Pet Store!
We're excited to share that K9 Connection Pet Re-Homing & Adoption is collaborating with Ethical Paws to create the K9 Connection's online pet store, a one-stop shop for all of your dog care needs.

You will be able to stock up on your favorite toys, treats and dog food, delivered straight to your door. With every purchase you make, a portion of every sale goes right back to helping new animals in need.

We're asking for help to better serve you and your dogs as well as the greater K9 Connection community. The answers you provide will help ensure your pets’ favorite food, treats, and toys are always in stock.

There are exciting things on the horizon, stay tuned for more news as we approach our upcoming launch!

We couldn’t do this without your support and appreciate your time. Woof!
1. How do you know K9 Connection?
2a. Would you be willing to buy pet food and supplies from the K9 Connection's online pet store, with the proceeds returned to the rescue?
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2b. If yes, what state do you live in?
3. If you currently own a dog, what pet supplies did you buy when you first adopted them?
Select all that apply.
4. We are thinking about offering pre-made bundles for new adopters. If you were adopting a new dog, would you be interested in any of these bundles?
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5a. What specific brand(s) of dog food do you buy? (i.e. Taste of the Wild, Wellness, Acana, etc.)
5b. What specific flavor(s) / variety of dog food do you buy? (i.e. Ancient Prairie with Ancient Grains, Complete Health Adult Lamb & Barley, etc.).
Please be as specific as possible so we know what to stock
5c. How often do you buy dog food?
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6a. What type of dog treats do you buy?
6b. Do you have any specific brands of treats you prefer?
6c. Do you have a preferred flavor of treats?
7. What type of toys do you like to buy for your dog? Check all that apply.
8a. What supplements do you buy?
8b. Do you have any specific brands of supplements you prefer?
9. What dental products do you buy?
10. Please enter your email address if you would like to stay up to date as we move closer to our launch date!
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