Children's Questionnaire 2017
Please can you help us to make Plumpton School even better by filling in this questionnaire.
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Plumpton School
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Do you like coming to school?
Do you enjoy playtimes with your friends in the playground?
Do you like school dinners?
Do you like PE?
Do you understand the school rules?
Do you understand the consequences or punishments when the school rules are broken?
Do you feel safe at school?
Is it easy to talk to an adult if you are worried about something at school?
Are your lessons interesting and fun?
Do you find out new things in lessons?
Do you get help when you do not understand what you are expected to do?
Do the adults listen to you, and are they interested in your ideas?
Do you want to say anything else about your school? Please type below but do not use anyone's name.
What I like most about Plumpton School :
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What I would change about Plumpton School :
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My best memory of 2016/2017
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My most proud moment in 2016/2017
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