AFPSEWI CFRE Refresher Course Scholarship Application
Deadline: Friday, May 15, 2020

If you are the recipient of a scholarship, you are expected to share your experience with others in the chapter, through a presentation, newsletter article, or in some other way. Please note: Partial scholarships may be awarded.
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Applicant Declaration:
By signing this application, I declare and acknowledge:
1. That, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information and summary of activities as submitted in this application are correct.
2. That I, the applicant, meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the AFP Southeastern WI Chapter Scholarship Program guidelines.
3. That I will be responsible for providing a written or oral report to the AFP Southeastern WI Chapter about the event covered by this application, so that I share the benefit of this experience with other Chapter members.
4. That if I receive a scholarship, my name may be printed in the chapter newsletter.
5. That I understand the information provided on this application may be used for research and statistical information.
6. That if any information is inaccurate, any awards may be reassessed and/or withdrawn.
7. That if I am awarded a scholarship, I must make arrangement to cover the costs, and AFP will reimburse me shortly after I submit the forms.
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