Golden Rain Short Story Contest: Summer 2018
Golden Rain Short Story Contest

Hosted by Annie Louise Twitchell

Story Length: up to 5,000 words

Story Theme: Remembrance

Genre: Any

Rating: PG, or safe for readers 10+

Contest Start: June 1st, 2018

Submission Deadline: August 1st, 2018

Winners to be announced: September 2018 (exact date to be determined)

Submission Fee: None

Prize: Winning short story (and runners-up if applicable) will be featured on, with the option for an accompanying e-book style cover design by Annie Louise Twitchell or a designer selected by Annie Louise Twitchell.

Expectations: Golden Rain Short Story Contest entries will be remembrance themed, in any genre as long as it fits the rating. (This excludes erotica by default.) The stories will be judged by a panel of judge(s) who will each select their favorite based on story-telling ability, mastery of the story, and other factors. If the number of entries warrants it, the judge(s) will select their top three favorites. Annie Louise Twitchell or representative will select the final winner, and if warranted by the number of submissions, the top three runners-up.

Winners will be expected to work with Annie Louise Twitchell and/or representatives for any editing, content or grammatical, that may be required before the story is published on the website.

While the story is not expected to be perfect, we do expect that reasonable effort has been made to present a good story with minimal grammatical errors. This will increase the chances of being selected by the judges.

Contest is open world-wide as long as the submissions are in English.

Stories MUST be original, unpublished pieces.

Annie Louise Twitchell requests non-exclusive electronic rights to the winning story/stories. The winning authors will still own their works, but they give Annie Louise Twitchell permission to host the stories, at Annie Louise Twitchell’s discretion, on for the period of two years. At the end of two years, the stories can be removed if the author requests. If your story is not selected as the winning story or as a runner-up, all rights are yours.

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