FurFlyer's Club Guest Submission Form
Great to see you interested in enjoying the exclusive FurFlyer's club and share with a buddy! Please fill out this simple form to receive a custom guest pass. Keep in mind that all guests must arrive and leave with the host passenger, and are subject to a check before the convention. Not all guests may be permitted.

Should capacity become an issue, we may deny further guest entry for the time being.

Please keep in mind the following before continuing:

- The lounge is a suite in the Hilton. Room will be announced in the channel upon arrival into the con.
- Lounge can only be accessed with a FurFlyer luggage card. Please show upon arrival for access. Guests are required to arrive in the presence of the host passenger. A guest ID must be shown alongside for access, and must leave with host passenger. See adjacent images for examples of badges.
- Host passengers are allowed up to 2 guests for both days. All guests may be checked before convention. We reserve the right to deny access to guests. Guests may be denied for a set time if lounge becomes crowded.
- ID must be checked before Alcohol consumption. Those over 21 will be supplied a wristband. Please consume responsibly
- This is still a room of several people at the con. Please treat with respect and clean up after yourself.
- Keep pants on. This is more a social gathering than a party; also, keep conversations at indoor levels.
- Tips are strongly encouraged.
- No outside food and drink permitted.
- No howling, instant $40 into the tip jar
- We reserve the right to kick out any unruly, loud, or otherwise bothersome passengers and respective guests

If you agree to all of these, please continue on!

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