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*If there are any life threatening allergies or allergies that require an Epipen, please inform a staff member!
*Please use this space to detail any behavioral or medical conditions that may influence your student’s camp experience. This is completely optional and will be kept confidential between the program coordinator and the artistic director. We would like to know the best ways to help make this camp experience the best it can be for your camper. If you’d like to speak to a staff member further about your students needs and how to best respond, please feel free to do so at any time!
Please list any other relevant information that WRT should know: (I.E.: If child is allowed to walk home, if anyone other than listed contacts will be picking up/dropping off)
Cast Contract
Welcome to WRYT and our Summer 2018 production of Alice in Wonderland. As a member of the cast of this production, WRYT requires that cast members commit to the following policies. Please review these policies and return the signed sheet to WRYT by the Parents’ Meeting (June 24nd). Any questions regarding these policies should be addressed immediately.

1. All cast members commit to strict adherence to the rehearsal schedule, unless prior notice is given. It is understood that participation in the program is contingent upon attendance of rehearsals and workshops and excessive absences may result in removal from specific scenes and/or production. Only one week (5 days) of planned absences will be allowed per cast member and this cannot be taken within the last two weeks of the program. No absences will be allowed during the last two weeks (other than illness or an emergency). All conflicts must be listed at auditions and be approved by the production staff.

2. All cast members commit to adhering to the Rules & Regulations and Behavioral Plan set forth by WRYT.

3. All cast members commit to pay $850.00. All tuition payments must be paid in full by Saturday, June 30th – no exceptions.

4. The Librettos contains both the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ script and score. They are rented from the licensing company and must be returned at the end of the program in good condition. They can only be marked in pencil-- no ink and no highlighters. All cast members will commit to a score deposit fee of $25.00. Checks will be returned (or shredded) once WRYT receives the score back in good condition at the end of the program. Any damaged scores (permanent pen marks, highlighters, stains, ripped pages etc.) or lost scores will result in your check not being returned to you - we will have to pay the licensing company for the score.

5. All cast members commit to bear ultimate responsibility for their costumes. WRYT in return commits to providing access to WRYT costume resources and WRYT staff for alterations, manufacture (when needed), maintenance and coordination. WRYT will provide basic theatrical make-up, however, for sanitary reasons all cast members must supply personal eye make-up. Cast members further agree to consult with the director or production manager prior to any drastic changes in appearance (Hair cut, hair dye, etc.).

6. All cast members receive three (3) Car Wash tickets, included in camp tuition.

7. All cast members commit to participate in any publicity and fundraising efforts. All cast members grant WRYT permission to use cast members’ images in any official publicity pieces. Publicity pieces include, but are not limited to, news releases, publications, videos, website use, Facebook use and photo sale at performances of the production.

8. All parents/legal guardians commit to attending & helping out at set construction/painting for at least four (4) hours. Any student who attends a set construction needs at least one parent per 2 cast members.

9. All cast members commit to follow the rules and regulations of locations used for rehearsals, performances, or other production related activities. Cast members also agree to treat said spaces with respect and care, acknowledging we are guests in these spaces and it is a privilege to use them.

10. All cast members and at least one parent or legal guardian commit to attend and assist in the striking of the set, sound equipment, lighting equipment, and backstage area. This includes the return of set pieces to the WRT storage facility. Everyone must stay until strike is complete unless otherwise agreed upon with the Program Coordinator.

Your commitment to the above will make it possible for WRYT to produce a high quality, entertaining show for our audience and ensure that you have a positive experience that enhances your understanding of the theatre. While we do not require that each cast member sell a specific number of tickets, we do hope that you will take pride in this production and encourage friends and family to be part of the audience. In addition, we hope you will participate in fundraising activities.
Welcome to the WRT family, and enjoy your experience with the show!

Please confirm that you and your child have read and understand this contract. *
Rules and Regulations
For safety reasons, no flip-flops, sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind will not be allowed to be worn during rehearsal – students are asked to wear sneakers or dance shoes only. Students are also asked to dress appropriately for rehearsals.

- Students are asked not to bring any hand-held games with them. Cell phones will be allowed; however use (calls, gaming, texting, Facebook etc) will be limited to before & after camp only. Students are asked to keep any devices, powered off or silent in their bags. If a student is seen with a phone, it will be taken from them for the remainder of the day. A contact name and number will be provided for an emergency situation where a student needs to be contacted by their parent/guardian. If a student needs to use their phone during camp hours, they should check in with a member of senior staff.

- Please refrain from students missing any days at camp other than what is listed on the audition form. We understand that sickness can occur however; it is detrimental to the rehearsal process & camp schedule for students to be absent for other reasons. Each student will only be allowed one week (5 days) of planned absence and no absences (other than sickness, death in the family) will be allowed during the last two weeks of the program.

- All students should bring a lunch and snack with them to camp. They will not be able to purchase anything from nearby restaurants during camp hours. A water bottle (marked with name) is also suggested. Due to allergies, please do not bring snack/lunch items that contain nuts. We may ask campers to avoid bringing other foods if we become aware of any other allergies. Our main facility is air conditioned, so students may want to bring an extra layer in case they get cold.

- Program start time – please arrive at 7:45am each day for camp, this provides ample time to settle in and get ready for the day. Camp begins promptly at 8:00am. If a student will arrive later than 8:00am or will be absent, a parent or legal guardian must call the emergency contact/number. No phone calls from students will be allowed.

- Due to the closeness of the students during rehearsal, we request that all students shower, wash their hair and wear deodorant daily. Proper hygiene is an important step in keeping a limited amount of sickness in the cast & staff.

- If a student does contract the flu, lice or any other communicable illness, please contact the emergency contact/number.

- Students are expected to adhere to the behavioral policy set forth by WRYT.

- Students are expected to be punctual and stay focused in rehearsal. Students are also expected to review lines/ blocking/ dances/ music/ etc. at home and be memorized by the set-forth “off-book” date.

- You also agree to treat any costumes/ props/ sets/ sound equipment with respect and care. Costumes should always be hung up after use. If any costumes/ props/ sets/ sound equipment are damaged while under your care you may be asked to replace them.

- All students agree to try their hardest, to work toward an excellent production, and to have fun!!

Behavioral Plan
The Mission of Wakefield Repertory Theatre is to build and sustain a lasting forum within the community for all to participate in the exploration and enjoyment of the theatrical arts. In order to build positive community, the members adhere to the following principle:
We consider WRT to be an integral part of the community of Wakefield and the surrounding area,
and will seek always to act as a good citizen, for the greater good of the community at large.

As an extension of WRT, Wakefield Repertory Youth Theatre, running between June 25th and August 5th, will uphold this mission statement. All cast members in Alice in Wonderland must act as positive citizens during daily WRYT activities in order to ensure the greater good of the cast and staff as well as the production. If any child is observed by a staff member behaving in an inappropriate manner, consequences explained in this document will be handed out by staff members.

Examples of “Inappropriate Behavior”
-Disruption of workshops, theater games, and rehearsals through blurting out, poor attitude, or lack of effort.
-Distracting use of cell phones or other devices during workshops, theater games, or rehearsals.

-Name-calling of staff members or other cast members
-Physical altercations

WRYT will closely follow the Massachusetts State definition of cyberbullying:
“Cyber-bullying”, bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication, which shall include, but shall not be limited to, any transfer of signs, signals, writing, images, sounds, data or intelligence of any nature transmitted in whole or in part by a wire, radio, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo optical system, including, but not limited to, electronic mail, internet communications, instant messages or facsimile communications. Cyber-bullying shall also include (i) the creation of a web page or blog in which the creator assumes the identity of another person or (ii) the knowing impersonation of another person as the author of posted content or messages, if the creation or impersonation creates any of the conditions enumerated in clauses (i) to (v), inclusive, of the definition of bullying. Cyber-bullying shall also include the distribution by electronic means of a communication to more than one person or the posting of material on an electronic medium that may be accessed by one or more persons, if the distribution or posting creates any of the conditions enumerated in clauses (i) to (v), inclusive, of the definition of bullying.

The staff members will operate according to a “three strike” system with appropriate consequence for each.

First Strike: Staff Member will pull child aside and explain the inappropriate behavior. Depending on the infraction, the child may be excluded for one game/activity.

Second Strike: Student will have a private conference with the Program Coordinator. Appropriate course of action will be decided upon during the conference. Parents will be notified via phone call of the behavioral issue.

Third Strike: Program Coordinator will meet with child’s parent/guardian. Depending on the level of behavior, the student may be suspended or dismissed from WRYT.

“Good Citizen” Program At WRYT this summer, we hope to never go beyond the first strike, and we do not expect to. In order to celebrate the good citizenship we hope to see during camp this summer, the staff members will choose a weekly “good citizen” who will be celebrated on each Friday. The list of WRYT’s good citizens will be displayed during the production weekend in recognition of their positive influence on the WRYT experience.

Tuition and Financial Obligations
This year’s WRYT tuition will be $850. This includes:

• 3 car wash tickets (Date TBD)
• Camper admission to Pizza Party on Date TBD
• 2-line well wisher ad in the program book
• 1 “All Access Pass” (this gives the bearer one seat at each show- can be shared among family members but can only be used once per show)
• Show t-shirt
• Basic theatrical make-up (basic pancake make-up & blush) and hair product
• Specialty make-up
• The majority of costumes, accessories, etc.
• Dinner on Saturday, Aug 4th in between performances

In response to past feedback, there will be no additional payments due this year (except for fully refundable script and score deposits.) You will have the option to purchase additional car wash tickets and larger ads, but will not be required to do so.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of auditions; no child will be allowed to audition without a deposit. If you decide after auditioning and being cast that you will not be joining us this summer, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can recast as needed, but please be aware that we will not refund deposits for auditioners who choose not to attend camp.

All tuition payments are due by the Parent Meeting (Date TBD). If you have made pre-paid tuition payments via PayPal and decide not to enroll your child in WRYT camp, the tuition payments are refundable (minus administrative fees assessed by PayPal) and can be refunded by contacting treasurer@wakefieldrep.org.

Please note, after the parent meeting, any tuition fees you have paid are no longer refundable. No camper will be allowed to attend camp unless tuition is fully paid.

Social Media
This year, we will continue to use Facebook to keep parents, guardians, and campers updated on camp activities. We will be using a CLOSED group (not open to the public) to share photos, videos, comments from the staff, and reminders about upcoming camp activities and events.

We understand that some families are very concerned about protecting the privacy of their children and do not want pictures or videos of their children on Facebook. We offer you the option to opt your child out of being included in photos and videos by filling out the form below, and returning it to us.

You can access the group at https://www.facebook.com/wakefieldrepyouththeatre/?ref=bookmarks, Select Groups from menu, Click ”Join Group” in the upper right corner of the group. As long as we have your name on our contact list, a staff member will approve your request within the next day. If you use a different name on Facebook than you’ve given us, please email info@wakefieldrep after you send the “Join Group” request.

WRYT has other social media as well!

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