VJCL 2017 Constitutional Amendments
At the VJCL Board meeting on March 11, 2017, two amendments to the constitution were proposed. According to the constitution, Article XI: Rules and Amendments, Section 1, "A proposed amendment may be introduced during the time between state conventions by any member of the Executive Board or by a petition bearing the signatures of Executive Council members representing at least three chapters." These two amendments were proposed by the Co-chair for VJCL Convention and Finances, Justin Redpath-Dascola.

According to Article XI: Rules and Amendments, Section 2, "For an amendment to be passed during the time between state conventions, it must pass the Executive Board in its final form by a two-thirds vote, and then pass by a two-thirds vote in the Executive Council." The proposed amendments passed the Executive Board unanimously. The proposed amendments are now open to a vote by the Executive Council.

According to Article VIII: Executive Council, Section 1, "There shall be an Executive Council whose membership shall consist of two delegates chosen by each chapter and one delegate representing the members-at-large of the Virginia JCL. The VJCL President shall be the presiding officer of the Executive Council." The vote is open to registered chapters in good standing, and each chapter is able to cast two votes. The vote is also open to registered members-at-large in good standing, and as a group the members-at-large are able to cast one vote. In order to pass, each proposed amendment must receive approval by two thirds of the votes cast.

Chapters should conduct their vote according to their normal rules of operation. Members-at-large may cast their own votes individually; all member-at-large votes will be compiled separately, and a yay or nay vote will be assigned by the parliamentarian based on majority rule.

This form has been opened to sponsor or member-at-large contact email addresses as recorded in chapter and member-at-large registrations. The deadline for submitting votes is 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2017. If an amendment is passed, it will go into effect immediately.

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