Bassmaster Lunker Club Application
Membership in the Bassmaster Lunker Club™ is open to BASS members who catch a largemouth bass weighing 10 pounds or more, a smallmouth bass weighing 6 pounds or more, or a spotted bass weighing 5 pounds or more, and who meet the following requirements:
1. The bass must be caught by legal means, using a rod and reel or fly tackle and either artificial lures or natural baits.
2. The bass must be weighed on certified scales before one or more witnesses. Scales can be checked for accuracy later.
3. The length and girth of the bass must be provided. (NOTE: To measure length, lay the bass on a flat surface and measure from the tip of the jaw to the tip of the tail. The measuring tape must be laid flat and not follow the contour of the bass. Measure girth by wrapping a measuring tape or piece of string around the thickest part of the bass.)
4. A photo of the bass and the person who caught it must be provided to Bassmaster Magazine. Suitable photos will be published online at The best photos will appear in Bassmaster Magazine. (Please do not send photos of people without shirts or of people who are smoking.) By submitting the photos, persons in the photos are granting their permission to publish their likenesses both in print and electronically. Photos become the property of BASS.
5. Photos of bass that do not appear to be alive and of the stated weight will not be published.
6. Only the highest quality photos of bass that are to be released alive will be shown in Bassmaster. A witness must attest to the fish’s release and to the fact that it appeared to be capable of surviving.
7. The attached questionnaire must be filled out completely and submitted to Bassmaster Magazine.
For questions, contact the Bassmaster® Magazine Editorial Department.
Phone: 205-313-0900 • Fax: 205-313-0951 • E-mail:
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This can be found on the front of your magazine in the mailing label box above your name.
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You may submit your photo in digital format to Include the first and last name of the entrant in the body of the e-mail. Photos will be saved in our lunker files to go along with your application when it arrives. Jpeg format is preferable; size should be at least 4 x 6 inches and 300 dpi.
Fish Information
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Weight, pounds *
Weight minimums: Largemouth, 10 lbs; Smallmouth, 6 lbs; Spotted, 5 lbs
Weight, ounces *
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Weather conditions *
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Approximate depth at which bass hit *
Cover/structure where it hit *
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Technique *
Describe exactly how you were working the lure or bait when the bass hit
Were you fishing with a guide *
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Were you a guest at a fishing resort? *
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Was this your biggest bass ever? *
If not, give weight of largest bass (pounds, ounces)
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