Star Quest
2019 Musical Theater Camp

Pilgrim Lutheran Brethren Church, 9514 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Mentor, OH 44060

For kids who have completed 1st-8th grade

Monday through Saturday, July 29 – August 3, 2019
9:00 a.m. – noon (10-noon on Saturday)

Performances on Sunday, August 4
at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

$10 suggested donation per child

Theater Camp participants will spend their time singing, learning choreography, rehearsing lines and staging, studying God’s Word, building sets, making new friends, and presenting their message to the congregation!

Register soon - space is limited! Soon after you turn in your registration form, we will give you a CD to start listening to!

Sue Helfrich 440-725-6332

Plot Summary
In a galaxy far away, and in a future not too distant, the crew of spaceship J-316 is on a mission: trekking through the galaxy, bringing the Word of God to people everywhere! In the future, all written communication is now sent and stored digitally–nothing is written on paper. The Bible is stored on the Intergalactic Bible Data Base, allowing all people access to God’s Word. But there is a radical plot underway by a misguided, power-hungry ruler who is steadily erasing scriptures from the database. The crew of J-316 has just landed on a planet whose inhabitants still employ the age-old practice of Bible memorization. With the Word of God hidden in their hearts, they offer to go back to the ship with the crew to help restore the lost scriptures. But will they be able to stop the plot to steal scriptures away? Time is of the essence, and nothing in this world or beyond could be more important than making sure God’s Word remains available to people throughout the galaxy!
Audition Information
If you are interested in a speaking part or a solo, plan to audition. Please remember, this is a group production. Not everyone will have speaking parts and solos, but everyone IS important!

Auditions will be held the week of June 24. A sign-up sheet will be sent to you.

If you want to audition for a speaking part:
• Plan to read a few excerpts from the play.
• Memorize and recite this line:

“God wants us to show love, even when people do hurtful things to us. He will help us love each other with HIS love and live in peace with one another.”

If you want to audition for a solo:
Prepare a short song to sing for us. (Happy Birthday, Jesus Loves Me, Silent Night, part of a hymn or praise song, etc.)

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