What's your question?
We all have questions about the faith. Sometimes, though, we don't want to be the one to ask. Here is your chance to anonymously ask your burning questions. It can be about anything. What kinds of questions will we answer? Well...

Embarrassing questions
Things “everyone” seems to know that you don’t, that you’re embarrassed to admit you don’t know
Controversial questions
Funny questions
Bible questions
Saint questions
Simple questions
Complex questions
Dating questions
Personal questions
Good questions
Bad questions
Dumb questions
Smart questions
About the angels
About the Pope
About vocations
About service
About love
About sin

Basically, if it's about the faith, ask away! (and on occasion, if it's a really interesting question not about the faith, we might answer one or two of those, too).
What's your question about the faith?
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