Application to be an OPA Mentor
Thanks so much for your interest in the Open Post Academics Program. This application is designed to get to know you and your mentorship style so that we can see if you're a good fit for the program.

This is a pilot program and is provided without cost to the first cohort. All of our mentors and experts will be volunteering their time.

Criteria for OPA Mentors
Have a PhD.
Familiar with the academic mindset and the challenges of leaving academia.
Supportive of the open web and a healthy internet.
Have spent two or more years working outside of academia.
Commitment to spending 2 - 3 hours per month mentoring a person leaving academia.
Willingness to listen, support others and share resources as well as to abide by the Code of Conduct

The time commitment for mentorship is one 90 minute orientation and at least four 30 - 60 minute mentorship meetings with an OPA participant every other week in January - March 2020.

If this time commitment is too much for your schedule, please consider becoming a part of our Expert Pool instead!
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What field did you get your advanced degree in?
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What is your current job/occupation?
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Tell us about your experience working outside of the academy with a PhD.
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Why are you interested in becoming an OPA mentor?
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What do you wish you had had available to you when you were considering leaving academia?
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List between 5 and10 keywords that describe the skills, industries or topic areas that you feel confident you could work with a participant on.
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Which of the following would you say that you're skilled at helping others do?
Very Skilled
Moderately Skilled
Exploring feelings and emotions
Discerning next steps or actions to take
Connecting people
Creating supportive structures and processes
The OPA mentorship program will run from January 16th until March 5th. If chosen, you will be asked to schedule at least four 30 to 60 minute meetings with your mentee every other week as well as a 90 minute orientation to mentorship. Is this a time commitment you are able to make?
How many mentees would you be willing to support?
What additional questions or comments do you have?
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