Raise Your Hand's Right to Recovery Parent Leaders
Raise Your Hand has joined the Right to Recovery (R2R) Coalition, which is made up of progressive grassroots organizations and elected officials who believe that our path to recovery must center those most at risk.

Read more about our platform here (and the organizations and elected officials who have signed on) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1khLdqU69WqvkoDy4HXUoLLU3RolcyU_Ew8V5oZ8hiR0/edit

We are looking for parents who want to be part of the fight and join RYH's Right to Recovery parent leaders. We believe this is a great learning opportunity to deepen our understanding of the political and organizing landscape as well as work in a large coalition on complex and challenging problems.

Jianan from RYH will onboard you with the materials and get you caught up. Depending on what the group determines and individual capacities, responsibilities include:

1) Participating in meetings and actions (currently, the meetings are 1030-11:15 on Tu/Th/Sat, not required to go to all). We are also part of the legislative/policy working group.
2) Determining how else Raise Your Hand participates in R2R organizing and legislation
3) Adding on and working on the R2R education policy agenda.

If you have further questions/comments, please email Jianan at jianan@ilraiseyourhand.org
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