Survey For Current PPA Members
The purpose of this survey is to understand the reasons you chose to be a member of the PPA and the expectations members have about the PPA. This survey will be available until February 4, 2018 11:59 pm Eastern.
1. Type of Membership
2. If you are a student member, what degree are you currently obtaining?
3. If you are a regular member, what year was your PhD awarded?
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4. Nationality
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5. Country where you are working
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6. When did you join PPA?
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7. Why did you join PPA?
8. Have you attended/do you expect to attend the North American Meetings?
9. Have you attended/do you expect to attend the South American Meetings?
10. Have you attended/do you expect to attend European Meetings?
11. How often do you visit the PPA website?
12. Do you usually read the Newsletter?
13. If you usually read the Newsletter, please select which sections you typically read (select all that apply)
14. Are you member of other scientific associations?
15. Suggestion for improvements:
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