Stay Informed: Solve Climate by 2030
The pressing reality of climate change requires us to urgently engage with two ideas: (1) time is very short, and (2) realistic solutions are possible. The coming ten years will be the most decisive in history, not only for us and our children, but in fact for every human being and living creature who will walk the face of the earth from now until the end of time.

Solve Climate By 2030 is an international educational project that will engage 100,000 students across the world in face-to-face dialog about climate solutions next fall and spring. Solve Climate will:

1. Make it easy to bring climate solution experts to your campus or community at no cost.
2. Help you create a large-turnout climate education event.
3. Organize a nationwide conversation on climate solutions on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Please sign up to stay informed about these opportunities, and also the 4.7.21 Power Dialogs. On that date, working with College and University partners across the US, Solve Climate By 2030 will support the convening of hundreds of conversations focused on the potential to solve the energy side of climate change by 2030.

Solve Climate By 2030 is a project of the Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability. Contact the Project Director, Dr. Eban Goodstein for more information:
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