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Et Alia Theater is looking to expand our network of collaborators! Please answer the questions below to let us know how you'd like to get involved. By submitting this form, you will join our database of potential collaborators, which we will refer to as we move forward with our expansion process.

We will always prioritize international women when building our team, but everyone is welcome to submit!

Et Alia Theater is a NYC based theater company founded and led by international women. We bring together an unfamiliar combination of foreign and immigrant voices and offer them a space to explore and interchange their multicultural perspectives. We use our art to expose the obstacles experienced by immigrant women and empower our community. As a company who is committed to blurring borders, Et Alia is not limited to a single form of work and is open to creating conversations through different styles of theater.

We strive to make the 'out of place' a place. Et Alia is Latin for ‘And Other’: we create art for the other, by the other, and about the other.
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