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Radhe Radhe,

Atlanta Namadwaar has been organizing Gopa Kuteeram for the past 7 years and have benefited hundreds of kids through this wonderful program. We are inviting all parents to register kids for the calendar year 2019-2020. This year Gopa Kuteeram would be organized at 7 different locations through out Atlanta.

The term ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ (Sanskrit language) refers to the play-house of young Lord Krishna and the Gopas, His playmates of Vrindavan. So ‘Gopa Kuteeram’ signifies a place where children have enormous fun along with and in the presence of the Lord. Gopa Kuteeram is an international children program. It aims to grow each and every child in Bhagavata Dharma which means making spirituality a part of everyday living. Spirituality and daily life are inseparable. Gopa Kuteeram shall aspire to facilitate the growth of the child in the flowering of Humanity & Divinity.

The aim of these programs is to help youngsters strengthen their lives by
– establishing a connection with divinity
– inculcating strong faith and devotion to God
– learning to harness the power of prayers in their lives
– developing a positive attitude of gratitude
– becoming aware of and appreciating the practicality of the Indian way of life and India’s ancient wisdom

The program emphasizes on Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical and Social well-being.

The programs are conducted in a fun, interactive way with lots of discussions, Q&A’s, role-plays, stimulating games, quizzes and more.

If you have additional questions then please reach out to 404 - 788 - 7391
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