A Retreat for Anti-Capitalist Fundraisers?

Hello Fundraiser and ED friends in the social change world -

The GIFT Conference only happens every other year… where do you get your fundraising recharge time in the meantime?

Heather and I have been thinking about how awesome is would be to convene a retreat for people charged with leading fundraising in social change organizations. Development staff, Executive Directors, even super volunteers. Anyone who is really holding the huge job of managing fundraising efforts for a social change organization with an anti-capitalist bent.

Do you ever feel like there are not many places where you can learn from other fundraisers? We envision a space where a small group of us (10 or less) can explore what it means to raise money in organizations that see capitalism as a root cause of problems for people and the planet. An organization that’s committed to building collective power among those who aren’t wealthy. Can you raise money without compromising your values?

If this piques your interest, please fill out the following survey!


Valerie Costa Heather Pipino
Founder, Aril Consulting (working with grassroots orgs) Development Coordinator, VWC
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Our Vision
Right now, Heather and I are imagining a gathering that’s very informal. A retreat with lots of time for reading, sleeping, journaling, and one-on-one conversations. We’d ask y’all to complete a few readings in advance. We imagine the remainder of the time as facilitated discussions around framing questions and the readings and perhaps some presentations. The goal is that we’d all leave excited to know each other and have new, close, soul-sisters/brothers in this work.
What kind of format would make this gathering worth your time?
If you were designing this, what would you want to experience?
Are there any readings you’d recommend to the group?
What are some framing questions you’d like to ask fellow fundraisers?
Would you be interested in facilitating a group discussion? If so, on what?
Would you be interested in sharing something you’ve done that’s been successful? And answering Q&A?
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We are thinking the first gathering will be in New England. Please check any New England states that are doable and/or add other location preferences under "Other"
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We’d only charge for the cost of lodging and food. We don’t have a $ amount yet.
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