Unity Dance Academy 2018-2019 Opening Number Participation Interest Form
Please complete the following form regarding interest in participating in the recital opening number. If you have more than one child participating, please fill out the form separately for each child. Completing this form will allow the UDA staff to better plan for the opening, ensuring the best experience for your child. Thank you for your time!
Student first name *
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Student Last name *
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What level of class or classes is the student currently enrolled in? (If student participates in both intermediate and advanced classes, choose advanced.) *
Who your child's current dance instructor? (Select all that apply.)
What genre or genres of dance of dance would your child like to participate in during the opening number? (Students may participate in multiple genres. Students that are not currently enrolled in a particular genre of dance but have at least intermediate level past experience in it may participate. Please note that new skills instruction is not a large part of the opening due to time constraints.) *
To participate in the opening, it is required that students attend AT LEAST 3 of the 5 scheduled rehearsals. If your child is unable to make it to at least 3 rehearsals, it is extremely difficult for students to learn their parts and feel confident for their performance. Please check the rehearsals your child will be attending to the best of your abilities. (We understand that things happen.) Exact call times for rehearsals will be given closer to rehearsal dates, but will take place anywhere between 12:30 and 2:30. *
I understand that the primary method of getting up-to-date information about rehearsal times will be via email and the UDA website, and it is my responsibility to check these information outlets to ensure rehearsals go as smoothly as possible. I also understand that it is extremely important that my child attends AT LEAST 3 rehearsals. *
Is there anything important you feel we need to know about your child prior to beginning the opening rehearsal?
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