This program has been specifically created for youth who are facing multiple barriers to employment as defined by Employment Ontario. This includes youth who identify as:
- a visible minority
- as part of the LGBTTQ2S* community
- Indigenous youth
- recent immigrants,
- youth who face financial barriers
- youth with disabilities and/or mental health issues.

The information collected will remain confidential and help our organization understand the needs of the youth we serve.
If you have any questions about the application process please contact join@pov3rdstreet.org.

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Participants are expected to attend all sessions on Saturdays 10 - 5 and Wednesdays 6 - 9pm with the exception of holidays. Can you attend all sessions between January and June 2019? *
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The Media Training Program is a great opportunity for professional and personal development. Please tell us specifically what you hope to achieve from this program? *
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What kind of work are you interested in pursuing in the film, TV and/or advertising industries? *
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This program requires participants to be self-motivated and hard working both during and after workshop hours. Share an experience in your life where you demonstrated your ability to motivate yourself and work hard. *
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Please summarize any media or arts-related experiences you have. In addition to this, what type of media or arts experiences are you interested in pursuing? *
P.S. This is a good place to include links to your work!
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Throughout the Media Training Program, participants pitch their ideas for short form content (i.e. short films, branded content, web series, commercials). We want to get a sense of what ideas and projects are interesting to you!

In the space below, please provide a detailed description of an idea for a short form content project that you would want to pitch. You may wish to include:
* a synopsis of the story
* format of the project (i.e. documentary, scripted, web series, music video)
* genre (i.e. comedy, drama, mystery, etc.)
* your style or approach to telling the story
* why you want to tell this story

This project description will help us to understand the types of projects that interest program participants and to gauge the knowledge and experiences of the group.

Description of final media project idea *
hint: you may wish to address the following questions: 1) synopsis (what is the story?) 2) what is the format? 3) why do you want to make this project? 4) what will it look like, what style? etc. Give us details!
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